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Suitable for ages 14+
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2hr 30min (inc interval)
Performance dates
26 January - 13 April 2019

Home, I'm Darling Customer Reviews

4 / 5 (113 customer reviews)

Emma Goodman

35 hours ago

The production quality was excellent with a beautiful set and costumes, and the actors were good. I didn't understand why the main character kept holding her arms up like a marionette... but it could have been trying to be a 50s character trait or symbolic that she was trying to be like a doll? Don't know - didn't work for me. However, the script could use some work. The show left a lot of things hanging (The best friend's husband being a douchebag and the husband not being a particularly good employee), and a lot of things were a little too convenient (the husband getting a promotion, the main character noticing her love of talking about the kitchen in the middle of the conversation where she and her husband actually learn to communicate). Finally, the dancing transitions (with exception of the transition of the house to the 50s) were too long and got very repetitive... quickly. It felt like either the tea sets could have been just a little simpler so the actors wouldn't have as much to do, or there could have been variation such as video from the 50s playing on the wall by the bathroom or... something other than two people who were being made to dance to cover up a transition.

Alan Bennet

1 day ago

The seats we had should not have been sold. The set was largely in the kitchen which was RHF and we could not see. There were seats even further to the right than ours. It truly was like sitting behind a brick wall. On the plus side, the wine was good! We walked out after 20 minutes.

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